FastTrack Automation Studio

FastTrack Automation Studio

Create logon script having your own logo without writing a single line of code
8 Oct 2018
4 Mar 2018
26 Aug 2016
21 Nov 2015
10 Feb 2015
4 Nov 2014
31 Oct 2013

What's new

v10.5 [26 Aug 2016]
Logon Script Builder can connect SharePoint and OneDrive folders as drive mappings. New core engine commands to connect from scripts: ConnectSharePoint, ConnectSharePointPersistent, ConnectOneDrive and ConnectOneDrivePersistent.
Logon Script Builder and Outlook Signature Wizard can lock Outlook stationery settings. New commands: LockStationery and UnlockStationery.
Logon Script Builder has simple group check option on share connections, to speed up logon script time.
New commands to set a default company logo appearing on all user interfaces: SetCompanyLogo, SetDefaultCompanyLogo and SetUserDefaultCompanyLogo. Logon Script Builder now uses these.
Logon Script and Software Deploy Builders can use multiple conditions.
Software Deploy Builder has subsites like Logon Script Builder.
New scaling of all user interfaces, which can be configured in Logon script Builder. If it is a preference to make splash screens, menus and other user interfaces bigger, this setting can be set to for example 125%. New commands: SetScaling, SetDefaultScaling and SetUserDefaultScaling to do the same.
When installing Outlook signatures, Outlook is changed to default HTML format, if it is set to plain text.
IP address functions excludes known loopback scopes.
Outlook signature version added in Logon Script Builder to be able to update signatures installed using the once functionality.
SmartDock and SmartConnect can rerun logon script at night on computers/sessions not logged off.
New function UserAssistantPhoneNo and command SetUserAssistantPhoneNo to get or set user's assistant phone no.
New commands InstallSignatureOnce and InstallDefaultSignatureOnce, which Logon Script Builder now uses. This is a once command and signature install in one command, so ensure that the signature does install once.
New conditions for better syntax: PrinterLocationSelected, ComputerDomainIs, UserDomainIs, UserPrimaryGroupIs and ComputerPrimaryGroupIs.
The studio can be started directly as a log viewer and policies can be set to disable features in the studio, such as logon script or software deployment editing. Start the script editor exectuable (editor.exe) in the installation directory using the /? parameter to see switches and policy registry keys.

v9.1 [10 Feb 2015]
May include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.

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